On Site

Team Members must be on the tel and ready to work by 5AM.Team Members report to and act under the direction of their Area Supervisor.


Supervisors will allocate tasks to the Team, depending on conditions in the field. Team Members are normally assigned to excavate within a single sector or Area to enable them to follow progress over the course of their stay. Weekly tours of the areas of excavation will furnish an overview of the Project as a whole. Back in camp, Team Members are expected to assist with the proper treatment of finds, including the washing and registration of objects.

Team Members are expected to notify the TM Coordinator and their Area Supervisor if illness prevents them from participating. We get worried if we don’t know where you are.

Working Conditions

Morning Working Conditions

Activity on the tel can be taxing, but is balanced between heavy excavation and meticulous work with small tools. Assignments range from loosening soil with pickaxes or hauling buckets or wheelbarrows of dirt, to trimming the sides of baulks with trowels, sifting for small objects or sweeping the ground to prepare for photography. We work under large shades and you are encouraged to drink frequently. Bathroom facilities are available!Sara


Work in shaded areas at the base camp includes washing pottery and bones and processing other artifacts.

Temperatures and Gear

Daytime temperatures range from 82-95° F. (28-35 C.). Most of the excavation areas are shaded, and a steady breeze relieves the heat on much of the tel for much of the day. Still, hats and sun block are obligatory. Sturdy boots to protect feet and ankles are also a must. In fact we do not allow sandals to be worn during excavation on the tel.


Think seriously about your ability to do strenuous manual labor under a hot sun.

Off Site

It is assumed that all Team Members will exhibit sensitivity to the cultural, political and religious differences in Israel, as well as to the requirements of local law. We trust that all Team Members will treat one another and the residents of the kibbutz with civility and courtesy. The Kibbutz is home to 200 families, please respect their property and privacy.

Team members who violate these conditions will be dismissed unilaterally at the Directors’ discretion. No refunds will be made in such instances.

Bucket linePreparing for the Trip

Team Members must arrange for their own medical and accident insurance, valid in Israel, in advance of the Excavation. Proof of insurance must be provided to the Excavation before you are allowed to participate.

All medical costs incurred are the responsibility of the Team Member. There is a local team of medical doctors who can make ‘house calls’ if required (though at a cost of about $100 per visit, with payment at the time of service and which may or may not be covered by your insurance). The Kibbutz also has a nurse available twice a week, whom we can sometimes consult in an emergency situation.

There is also well-equipped 24-hour clinic in Afula for all non-hospital emergencies or for referral as well as private hospitals in Haifa and Herzliya, about an hour away, which will direct-debit most large American medical insurers.

Bring any and all prescription drugs, contact lens solution, or other predictable necessities, when you come. Ask your doctor for the generic drug name as well, in case a quick replacement is required. We cannot provide transportation for such purposes. Except in cases of genuine medical emergency, the Expedition will not provide transportation to doctors, hospitals or pharmacies, or to banks or other facilities in town. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Any appointments must be scheduled during non-work hours, in the afternoon, evening, or during the weekend.

Things to BringJane and Fink

Indispensable are:

  • An alarm clock
  • Credit card(s)
  • International calling cards such as AT&T
  • Canteen/water bottle
  • Hat with brim
  • Work boots. Think above the ankle and with a hard toe.
  • T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts and sweatshirts
  • Towels (bath and beach)
  • Bathing suit
  • Indelible markers for laundry
  • Mosquito repellent (for the evenings)
  • Rehydration solutions (such as powdered Gatorade). If you use this and drink enough water you won’t need the Imodium.
  • Diarrhea medicine (lomotil, Imodium; outside North America, Pepto-Bismol or bactrim)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun block (factor 30)
  • Pens and paper or notebooks
  • Boots are required. Team members without appropriate footwear will not be permitted on the site.

us in QSuggestions for additional gear:

  • Reading material
  • Digital Camera
  • Sealed plastic containers (for food in your room — ants can be a problem)
  • A travel guide
  • Earplugs (Your roommate may snore. If you snore, bring extras for your roommates!)
  • Toys, such as a baseball and glove, a frisbee, or whatever keeps you occupied.
  • Laptop or Handheld computer.
  • Cell Phone—make sure you check with your provider to ensure that your phone will work internationally.

Note: Modest dress is recommended for travel in religiously sensitive areas of Israel.

Israeli electrical current is 220/240V. Any electrical appliances brought from North America will require the appropriate converters, and probably an adapter plug for the receptacles. Consult an electrical supplier with experience with European current and with Israeli electrical receptacles.


The site mailing address is:

The Megiddo Expedition
Country Lodging
Kibbutz Ramat Hashofet
Israel 19238

At KibbutzFax: + 972 (0) 49898270. (Hospitality office)
Telephone: + 972 (0) 49898113. This is the Hospitality office number and should probably be used only in emergencies.

Long distance calls can be made using international calling cards, or pre-paid calling cards. Telephone credit cards (telecards) can be purchased locally and are highly recommended for calls within Israel. Remember to remind family and friends of the time difference between home and the dig. Israel is 7 hours ahead of U. S. Eastern Standard Time in the summer.


We will have continuous Wi-Fi available in our Club Room.


Responsibility for the security of all personal belongings, including passports, cash, credit cards, clothing and other objects, rests with the individual Team Member. In no way does the Expedition assume responsibility for the security of any such items.


Team Members need enough travelers’ cheques, cash and credit cards to handle additional expenses (travel, gifts, entertainment expenses, meals at restaurants, and so on). The Expedition will NOT cash cheques or advance money on credit. Very few merchants or hotels accept personal cheques, but credit cards are very popular in Israel. If you bring a bank card, check whether it needs to be reprogrammed for use in Israel. Cirrus and Plus have international networks, but each transaction may cost up to $5.


Any refunds are entirely at the discretion of the directors.

CoolTravel Information

Arrival Days

The Full Season and the three week First Session starts on Saturday 12 June 2010.

The four week Second Session starts on Saturday 03 July 2010.


We do not provide a group flight to Israel.  We suggest that you work with your own travel agent or use an online booking site like Expedia.com

Please provide us with detailed travel information as this will enable us to let people traveling on the same flight know about other Team members traveling with them.

Complimentary Expedition Bus from Tel Aviv

At the start of the First and Second Sessions, on Saturday, June 12, and again on Saturday, July 03, the Expedition will provide buses, departing from Ben Gurion Airport and the Tel Aviv Northern Bus Station (Arlozorov).

As it gets closer to the start of the excavation we will provide detailed instructions. We will confirm the bus departure time, and will attempt to suit the majority of flights and connections.

Margaret lectureOn Your Own

Detailed information regarding bus, taxi and car rentals, including schedules and costs will be provided closer to the actual start of the excavation. If you are arriving in Israel a few days ahead of the dig, make sure you have arranged accommodation beforehand. This is the height of the tourist season.


Rooms must be vacated on the final day of the Team Member’s session. We regret that Team Members are not permitted to remain in camp after the close of their Expedition session. The accommodations are booked, and must be readied for the next occupants.


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