Hey! This is my last blog for this season!

Julia Martins writes:

Hey, everyone!

This has been our last week here at Megiddo. Tomorrow, some pictures will be taken and… that`s it for this season. This past week I`ve been working at the office, still because of my knee situation. But it turned out to be quite interesting. After digging for 3 weeks, it was fun to spend the last one learning what happens to the finds once they`re out of the site. This way, the knee injury turned out to be an opportunity for me to have a broader picture of what happens in a dig, to get a better view of all the stages involved in the work we develop here.

And now, we`re almost done. The shades are gone, the balloon pictures have been taken, the baulks are down, everything is clean, and tomorrow some last pictures will be taken. At the office, we`re just about to finish the organization of the finds for further analysis. As for us, we`re leaving the kibbutz tomorrow. Some of us are going to Jerusalem, some to Tel Aviv, some straight to the airport, others to Jordan. In my case, after a night in Tel Aviv with the remaining team members, I`ll be joining my family in France for ten days of actual vacation (since here we`ve been working!), before going back home and back to real life.

This experience has been amazing to me. I not only got to learn about history and archaeology, but I met great people from all over and got to know a different country -in- I think – the best way possible. I`ll miss the sunrises at the Tel, falafel night at the kibbutz, napping after digging, `cooking` with my room mates, playing with the kibbutz cats and dogs, breakfast time after bucket lines, and even complaining about dirty socks. But most of all, I will miss the new amazing friends I`ve made here. I`ll never forget all the awesome people I met here. I`ve learned from them and had fun with them, and we shared this great adventure of being here and being a part of something so cool. That`s why I do really hope to come back in 2012… as for now, you`re welcome to visit me in Brazil! See you soon!


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