Love’s Labour’s Lost… at Megiddo

Katie Paul writes:

It’s interesting to see how an area on the tel can develop over the course of a single dig season; in the past 4 weeks some new squares were opened while others were left abandoned, some excavated in quadrants, and others in halves.  As the season progresses you develop some what of an intimate relationship with your square and what you find in it, and between sessions ending excavation on one square to begin excavation on another is like being dumped and finding someone new.
As area Q progressed, everyone’s squares took different forms and as the season winds down to a close, priority and more love and attention are given to some squares while others are left in the dust (pun definitely intended). And what began the season as neat level squares became a slew of quadrants and halves as the pressure was on.  Squares that were once dug carefully and with love were left behind for new squares that began at the surface and started fresh with more exciting finds. For all the walls taken down in the first session, just as many were found in the second.  Some (like that in C6) were monumental and intruded and divided entire squares with such aggression and strength that it would seem no architectural deconstruction could erase the memory of their existence, permanently burned into the square.
Even now as we pick-axe with fury to reach the 9th century, it seems that each new piece of information that points us in another direction leaves us with too little time to finish our excavation and answer the questions we originally began with; each find that yields a path toward answers for earlier questions seems too little too late.  For each drop of sweat and every sore muscle felt, it seems that many of the earlier questions are in vain, searching for answers sometimes takes more than a trowel and a pick-axe and the endurance to dig to China within a single corner of a single square in one area.  Only at the end do we realize how little such a small space means in the big picture of the area, and it will take several more seasons to see what really happened at area Q…


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