Week 6 is halfway over

Stephanie Steinke writes:

Week 6 is halfway over.  The pressure is on to complete our squares and our areas in the time left.  My square is still plugging away trying to find something, anything……  The elusive wall is still elusive, despite a very exciting near miss. (Damn plaster!)   Hopefully we are able to reach the bedrock in time to double check our stratigraphy.  For now, we still have very little idea what is there and why. The heavy pick axing has stopped and now we are working on tracing ash throughout the square (floor?!) to see what is actually there and how it is all connected.  The rest of J is winding down as well, we are now working in just a few squares that have promising things left to offer.

With only 7 work days left my thoughts have turned to what I’m going to be doing after the dig.  My list of food to eat when I get home is growing. A shower. Sleeping in past 4:30am.  Nachos. Even though the end of season jitters have set in and I am counting the days until I can lay on the beach in Tel Aviv until my heart’s content, do I really want to leave?  Even though I can enjoy so many things when I leave they come at a cost.  The real world again, and I’m just not ready yet.  I kind of like that my hardest decision of the day is whether to read or nap.  I don’t want to start graduate school this fall.  I don’t want to argue with embassies about visas yet (or pay their ridiculously high fees) or worry about work schedules.  I like the kibbutz life, and at times 7 days seems like an eternity it also seems entirely too short.


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