10 minute extension on sleep in the morning

Anthony Crisafio writes:

Week 6 and we just got another 10 minute extension on sleep in the morning. For those of you who don’t understand, an extra 10 minutes of sleep means I don’t have to be on the bus until 5:05am. This is amazing news! If you want to understand, try getting up at 4:30am after going to bed at 10pm for about 2 weeks, you will love an extra 10 minutes. Outside of more sleep, we are getting close to being done in Area J. People are being reassigned squares are being closed and we all are awaiting the coming-down of the shades.  And just as things are ending in the area, my body is slowly falling apart. This has been a long time coming. Within 3 weeks of being here my foot started. For about a week I was gimping along. Now my back is starting up. This is not unexpected, the mattresses here, while they are not horrible, are starting to get a body impression in it and the pillow does not always maintain a supportive shape. Or it could be the 5 weeks of pick-axing and squatting bent over while I use the smaller pick-axe and trowel. (Welcome to Megiddo). But more important that will I be alright (Answer: Yes, after a good nights sleep of 12 hours and a massage), is am I still loving it. Answer: without hesitation or equivocation: YES! I am still loving every aspect of the dig. Outside of the body falling apart, there is not much to report. This has become an old game for me, the excitement isn’t lost just the newness of it.


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