Thinking about archaeology…

Mandy Morrow writes:

What a week!?  Let’s just say that Area K may have the season’s best finds.  Finding the mud-brick ramparts is only 2nd place.  Sadly, if I told you what we found I might have to kill you… just kidding but seriously, some awesome finds.

Unfortunately, no remarkable finds for me… I only find small pieces of bronze, a bead, some animal bones, flint and LOTS of pottery.  Today I was stuck in a 4’x4’ square trying to articulate the ash floor that seems to have been from the Middle Bronze Age.  I was contorting myself to dig in this square and in the morning I was using the head lamp when it was too dark to see the difference between the ash and the dirt. (Got to say… I looked like a real archaeologist).

Speaking of real archaeology, I have been doing a lot of thinking while on this dig.  Who would have ever thought I would enjoy archaeology!?  Well I do, and I want to keep up with this. Unfortunately, my undergraduate and graduate schools were both too small to have archaeology programs (otherwise, I might have been an archaeology major!)  But, I am considering taking archaeology classes on the side either in between my Masters and PhD. or during my PhD. work as an interdisciplinary program because I am fascinated with this stuff!

I was discussing with Kim (another blogger) last night about the lack of communication between archaeological studies and religious studies.  I find them to be very similar and I think that archaeology can support the Bible (not exactly the other way around or we’d all be digging for Noah’s ark and the Ark of the Covenant).  I want to do more to contribute to conversations between the two fields.

For me, it is fascinating to be seeing the history uncovered before my eyes and I must say that this is why I wanted to be here in the first place… That and I wanted the cool t-shirt that says “I Survived Armageddon”!  I really do want to be a part of uncovering this history so maybe you’ll see me at Kabri next year and if nothing else, I will be back to Megiddo in 2012 (if I can still afford it).


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