And the wall came tumblin’ down…

Mary Laurel writes:

I wonder how long it took to build the wall that we took down so cheerfully. A few blows with the pickax, and several kicks from Joe. Then we finally got the word to take down the pillar. Then everyone in Q wanted to get in the act. With Phillippe giving instructions on how to swing a sledge hammer, Joe started, handing off to Todd, Katie (go girl), and others. Joe got the privilege of wielding the final pulverizing blow. Now we have a characterless square. (forgive me if I misspell your name!)   I like going up the tel in the morning – is not as challenging a trudge as I expected. But I am hopeless with a pickax, and marginally better with a hoe. And I can’t lift a full bucket of dirt. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is not as strong as I would like. But my square mates are patient with me.   I like seeing what happens after the digging. I’ve done wet sieving, and pottery washing. I like the pottery reading. Then the tagging and boxing up.  I’ve washed the bones and bagged the bones ( No I did not say bag of bones).  And today I got to clean pottery vessels. I really admire the people who do such a good job on these.   I am most impressed with the meticulous record keeping. Everything bagged and tagged.   A lot going on in my three days on the dig, and I am so grateful for the experience.


One Response to “And the wall came tumblin’ down…”

  1. Charlie Laurel Says:

    What an adventure! I’m looking forward to more posts from you. Love,

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