In Area K

Hannah VanVels writes:

In Area K there is a joke among the 7-weekers that we’ve each worked in every square in the area. Except that it’s not so much a joke as it is actually true. Today I worked in the second square that I had ever worked in. Things are much different than they were 4 and a half weeks ago, when I first worked in the square, and we are finding some pretty neat things there now that, back in the day when I was scraping winter wash from the floor of this square, I never would have imagined. Another really noticeable difference between the square now and during the first week is simply the sheer depth that we have actually dug down into the earth. There were some rocks that I could use as a reference point, which once used to be on the floor of the square and are now nearly waist-high. It’s amazing to see how far we’ve really come in only 5 weeks!

Speaking of, it’s also incredible to think that I’ve been digging for 5 full weeks! I’ve done so much from cleaning squares, articulating walls, knocking down walls, taking down baulks, following an ash surface, and most recently following a phytolith surface, as well as dumping people’s dirt buckets (by far the sweatiest and most exhausting job). Yesterday was my day to help out in the dig office. I spent the day washing the flint and shell finds as well as some artifacts. I also helped out with labeling certain pieces of pottery to be sent off for restoration. The pieces that are labeled are the ones that are useful to the ones restoring the pottery such as rims, bases, and handles, which are constructive in figuring out the orientation of the potsherds. I enjoyed seeing what the other areas are finding and comparing the finds to the ones that I’ve found in Area K.

It’s bittersweet in remembering that I only have two weeks left of digging. Things I’m looking forward to include: showering every morning, clean socks, and sleeping in. But I think that the things that I will really miss probably outnumber these things, such as: watching the sun rise from the tel, my new friends who’ve become like family, hanging around the pool all afternoon before pottery washing, going to the pub to watch the World Cup (I don’t know what to do with my evenings now that it’s done), and, of course, doing archaeology.


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