5th Week Down….

Kim Snyder writes:

And I continue to survive! I am still getting winded as I hike up the Tel, but I am making it through the day without collapsing! I am amazed at how it gets so hot here so early in the day. I’m used to the hottest part of the day being about 3:00. Here the highs hit closer to 11 am. I’m also used to a great deal more humidity, and here there is very low humidity, which makes it more bearable. The higher temperatures are also accompanied by a nice breeze, which makes it seem cooler, and is making it easier for my body to cope.

The last couple of days have been very interesting. We are in the process of taking down the “baulks” in the dig area. That just means that we have gone down far enough that the square borders have to be lowered. It makes for a big mess, and is a very intentional part of an organized dig. It means a lot more paperwork, and a lot of focused congestion inside the area. Our area gets quite congested because we are on the side of the Tel, and it would be like taking a square piece out of the side of a small mountain.

I heard that week 5 is the time when folks get really irritable. I am seeing that now. We are all tired, especially those of us that are hanging in for the full 7 weeks. It is getting very hard to be positive and have fun, but we are trying. One of the folks in Area H where I am is trying to keep our minds busy with crazy riddles. And there are a number of sing-a-longs that happen intermittently and animated movie discussions as well. But, Area H has the best bucket line on the planet!

Fizzer was very excited this week to spend some time working in the office. We see two of the main phases of the Archaeology process here. The first is the actual “digging,” which is the really dirty part. The second is the office part, which can also be dirty, but consists of organizing all of the finds and artifacts, making sure that the supplies are available for the areas, coordinating and labeling pottery pieces and bones, and getting things ready to go back to the various labs and study centers at Tel Aviv University. Fizzer and I washed shells, which sounds like an easy job, but the amount of dirt in one shell is amazing! Fizzer’s favorite part was packing up washed bones. He chomped on one bone and said, “3000 year old bone. MMMMM!”

As I look forward to the weekend, and a bit of a break, I find myself singing the theme song to the cruise line commercial: “I don’t want to work, I just want to play in the sun all day!” Although I think I’d be napping instead!


One Response to “5th Week Down….”

  1. Your husband Says:

    The song you referred is “Bang the Drum All Day” by one of Jeff’s favorite musical jokes and frequent Columbus headliner Todd Rundgren. I have fond memories singing this song with a high school buddy while we did dishes at Wendy’s:

    I dont want to work
    I want to bang on the drum all day
    I dont want to play
    I just want to bang on the drum all day

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