Chelsea Wellmer writes:

When the digging week ended on Thursday, a majority of the people left the kibbutz headed for Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, or any number of cities in Israel.  I myself stayed behind for a relaxing weekend.  With the first night to myself (two of my room mates had gone home for a little while and another had left for Jerusalem) I was able to go to bed at a decent hour and sleep well into the morning-a far cry from our usual 4 AM wake up calls.  After my one long and glorious night of sleep I spent the rest of the weekend with my room mate Sarai who had returned Friday afternoon.  I enjoyed my relaxing weekend immensely, eating some of the best falafel I have ever had, watching movies, and simply pampering myself before another long week of digging.

I am happy to say that since my last blog I have been officially moved to the square in lower J (the temple), so I am no longer “homeless!”  We spent the week digging like crazed moles, moving downward each day.  We’ve found a lot of pottery, flint, and animal bone, but the real search is for a wall.  Never would I have guessed that such a simple thing as a wall would cause so much angst.  Every cluster of rocks seemed to bring new promise but it wasn’t until today that we think we may have actually found a wall.  Whether or not it is the wall the higher powers of Megiddo have been asking for will be discovered later, but we have found a wall, so I am happy for now.

Life is going great at the site, bucket lines are becoming easier and new finds are being discovered each and every day.  If only the season didn’t end in a couple of weeks!  Even though it’s nice to come back to the kibbutz every day and relax, usually I wish the work days were longer.  I spend my evenings taking classes, hanging out with my room mates, and exploring the kibbutz.  It was a great treat to watch the World Cup Finals at the kibbutz pub even if I couldn’t stay for the overtime because I needed at least some sleep.  I’m not entirely sure what the weekend holds for me, I might go to Acre for a little while, or I may stay on the kibbutz again.  However, I do know that there is a field trip on Friday to another dig site.

Until then I’ll keep on digging, after all, it really is what I came here to do!


One Response to “Walls!”

  1. Debra Kalianov Says:

    Go Chelsea! Again – enjoy reading what you are working on – sounds like you are having a great time! Be safe – keep the postings going. 🙂 DK

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