My major motion picture… a horror film (about archaeology)

Mandy Morrow writes:

So a short little note from today… last week I had been working on excavating a tabun.  So today I was working on articulating a wall.  Lo and behold… I found more pieces of tabun which had been covered by some rocks and a lot of dirt.

I feel like I am in a bad horror movie in which everywhere I turn I keep finding pieces of tabun!  Yikes!  I can see it now: I go to the other side of the area and discover some tabun, so I move to another place and of course… more tabun! No matter where I move I see tabun and the camera circles… and then I scream and run away.

Unfortunately I am not allergic to tabun (maybe I should pray about this) because it is such a pain to articulate when it keeps breaking on me.  I tried to tell Mario that I was allergic to it at dinner today, he didn’t believe me… L

Some of my area-mates are fed up with the tabun and want to destroy it once the official photos have been taken and the measurements and drawings are complete.  I think a sledge hammer may be in order (believe me.. pictures of destruction will be coming soon).  And then, when it is destroyed, I will hopefully never see one again (or if I do I might have nightmares).


One Response to “My major motion picture… a horror film (about archaeology)”

  1. Loren Crow Says:

    I want to try constructing a tabun and baking bread with it. If I do that, you have my permission to destroy it only after I’ve tried it out.

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