False Hope? and Bruises

Stephanie Steinke writes:

With such a perky title, I’m sure you want to read on.  Why the false hope?  My square has yielded nothing lately.  For a week now we have been digging through a meter+ of fill and have found hardly anything.  There are times that we haven’t even found pottery.  But, I’m assured that there is a palace down there.  They’re sure of it.  (Sometimes I think its an elaborate ruse to watch kids dig for hours for nothing.)  The bedrock is only 1 meter or so away, so that palace better surface soon.  We’ll see, in a few days we’ll find that bedrock and whatever is on top of it.

And the bruises.  After nearly 5 weeks of digging I’ve accumulated a nice assortment of bruises.  Black and blue marks in the shape of bucket rims on my legs, scratches and cuts on my shins from rocks and tools, and bruises and cuts on my wrists from the bucket lines; and a myriad of other bruises and causes.  I know that I won’t remember these when I think back about this dig.  And for now, even though they can hurt, I like them.  My roommate and I compare our bruises, and they have turned into a kind of badge of honor.  So for now, bring on the bruises.  I can’t wait to show my friends and family.

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