Dust in the wind

Julia Martins writes:

Hey, everyone! I`ve been digging here at Megiddo for more than a week now, and I`m really enjoying the experience. To sum it up, the work is hard. We do a lot of pick-axing, bucket lines, sectioning, sifting and digging. But it is so great when we get to see the results of our work. In my case, I found a very pretty vessel this week and dug it out. It was amazing, it was still in one piece. Despite the hard work, I think I`m actually getting some rest in my winter vacation (in Brazil, we`re in the middle of the winter!). We work from 5 am to 1 pm, but once we get here to the kibbutz Ramat Hashofet, everything is much lighter. We go to the pool, take naps, hang out and talk, try to clean our digging clothes (not always successfully, but we do try!), go to the pub, and just relax and have fun. Actually, saturday we even had a barbecue (completely different of the brazilian ones, but which i loved anyway!) after getting back from Jerusalem. Also, most of us are taking classes in the evenings, which so far have been very interesting.

This past weekend, most of us went to Jerusalem. I had always wanted to go there, and I was afraid of getting disappointed, since my expectations were that high. But the opposite happened, and I fell in love with Jerusalem. I think it is one of the most extraordinary cities I`ve ever had the pleasure to be in. Walking around from mosques to churches and synagogues, tasting typical food and just getting to know one of the most fascinating cities of the world was just amazing. What made it all better was having the company of lots of new friends, that I`ve met here at the dig. This is actually one of the best things about being here: getting to know such great people and making new friends, some of them, I hope, for life. Not only I get to practice my english and my french (no one here speaks my first language, even though I`m teaching it to a couple of team members), but I get to be in touch with different thoughts, cultures and ideas. There is nothing better than this for a winter vacation.

I can see better now how archaeology is interesting and how the daily job works. I still intend to become a art history scholar, but i think I`ll always be glad that I came here. This is a great adventure for me, not only digging and traveling in the weekends throughout Israel, but getting to be a part (even if it is only for a little while) of  this completely different world. I do miss home, sure, but living here at the kibbutz has been even better than I had thought. As to my family, friends and boyfriend: amo voces e estou com saudades! I`ll blog some more soon.


2 Responses to “Dust in the wind”

  1. Que texto lindo!

  2. Gatinha, te amo também!
    We miss you a lot here in Porto Alegre, and I can’t wait to see you and listen to everything you’ll tell about this amazing journey! I’m very proud of being your boyfriend!

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