A second home…

Elizabeth Finnegan writes:

I feel like I’ve found a home here, with some buff bible- quoting nerds, beautiful and savvy lady archaologists and intelligent people from all corners of the world.  I can quote Lord of the Rings and Oedipus Rex, watch the World Cup and then go on to discuss the importance of high heels to a woman over dirt and 3000 year old pottery.

And most of all with very few exceptions, I’m happy and just universally positive.  I’m laughing so much…I had the luck to be placed with the most hilarious 3 girls on the tel.

I think part of it may be the exposure to sunlight, the (very RELATIVELY) clean air of the Israeli countryside, the kindness of the people that surround me, and just the sheer intensity of the physical exercise. After a days work, my muscles ache, my hands are ribbed and hurt from bucket lines, my face is sweating quantities of salty fluid only horse-size animals should produce, and I don’t even want to attempt describing the various sore-ities that arise in my legs. Think boots, a rule against sitting, Area H on the side of a huge hill, 2 flights of stairs, climbing ladders out of stairs, balancing on bulks. Amazing. It feels like you’ll never be clean again, and while you yearn like a dog for steak to be clean, you feel a little like you’ve been reborn – feeling every muscle for the first time in years.

One of the ways I see this unsuppressable positivity manifested is when Loren sings his songs. Sometimes when we get the call for bucket line, he’ll break out into an old country song, or a beatles classic and some of the rest of us will join in (mumbling and laughing when we forget the words). Today he sang, “Hello, Goodbye”, and a Willie Nelson song about all the women he’d loved. Loren is not the only one. Today Sarai began to hum the tune to “You Got it Bad” by Usher. Spontanous singing is practically unheard of anywhere else – can you imagine a spontaneous office-cubicle rendition of “I Shot the Sherrif?” I can…if the cubicle is my square and we’re in bucket line!

Since we’re busy with our hands we’ve also begun to play with our brains…stretch em a bit, so to speak. I’ve been coming up with old riddles I’ve heard and putting them to my square mates. The games are fun and generally I’ll tell a riddle 10 times as it goes around area H. Some will shout the answer or beg for hints. Others just laugh like crazy people at some of the more preposterous ones. The most popular one today was, “How do you put an elephant in a refridgerator?…” Similarly, we took up a solid 2 hours last week trying to guess my middle name. It lasted us until breakfast. We heard guesses like Lymphoma, and Lancelot, which have since become occasional nicknames for me on the tel (it’s LeFaye, btw 😀 ).

All in all, It’s exhilirating and exciting, and i can tell that in my heart of hearts, This will be one of the few times I’ll be sad to go home.

– Liz


One Response to “A second home…”

  1. Loren Crow Says:

    My face just turned red…. You’re a sweetheart, Liz.

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