Naps are amazing!

Anthony Crisafio writes:

First off, the afternoon post-pottery washing nap is the most AMAZING thing in the world. After digging all from 5:30am (Israeli time) until 1:00pm and then having to washing however many buckets of pottery and bags of bones, taking a shower to get clean and falling asleep is so restorative, particularly when you only get about 4:30 hours of sleep a night. But on to more interesting Megiddo news, the start of a new session.

Last Thursday (1 July) the three-week people left and on Saturday (3 July) the four-weekers people arrived. It has been an interesting culture shock moment to have new people come into our group. It has been eye-opening to see how we all were when we got here, but more fascinating (at least to a psychology major like myself) is being in a position of having-knowledge. Three weeks ago people were helping me, and they still are, with some of the most basic things (i.e., is this pottery/flint/an interesting rock?) and how to use the tools. Now, it is my turn to show them how it is done.

It has been frustrating having new people come into our group, because it means that I have to not only explain the ins and outs of the dig but also the ins and outs of the group. Having an already established group and culture makes working and socializing with the four-weekers interesting, as they have a different style. This has been a really cool learning experience for me since they don’t have the preconceived notions and means of doing things as we did from the first session. They have forced me to reevaluate the way I do things and approach archaeology.


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