Returning to the non-kosher life

Monica Parshley writes:

In approximately half an hour I’ll step foot on American soil for the first time in about three and a half weeks.  It took a 4am cab ride, about four security checkpoints, a run through the streets of Paris in a style reminiscent of the Amazing Race, extreme sleep deprivation and another 7 hour plane ride, but I can safely say that I’m almost home.  While I can’t wait to eat a massive cheeseburger (meat and cheese, together!), I already desperately miss life on the kibbutz.  It’s become natural for me to wake up at 4am and think that I need to get on the bus to the Tel and start digging my in my square with the rest of Special K.

While I do regret that I wasn’t lucky enough to have uncovered the all important archive that will obviously found any day now, I’m certainly not dissatisfied with the time I spent during the past few weeks.  I unearthed an installation with an as of yet unknown purpose, discovered gorgeous pieces of a bowl imported from Cyprus, and watched as four incredible Mycenaean stirrup jars were carefully excavated from the balk next to my square (I suppose I owe you that Tuborg Red now Professor Cline).

The memories we’ve made during our stay in Israel will last a lifetime.  I’ve gone to a foreign country with other like-minded people, visited sites that most people only see in books, and have made friends whom I will never forget.  To everyone that I met while at Megiddo, you are all amazing people and it was a privilege to dig with you.  To all the four and seven weekers, good luck with the rest of the season!


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