Reflections on “Dig-stice”

Kim Snyder writes:

Today was the “Dig-stice” or “Dig Solstice.” Yes, we are half-way done. 1/2 of my classes are complete, 1/2 of my new friends have come and gone (with another bunch still on their week 1). And because the sun is now coming up later – we get an extra 15 minutes in the morning! Whoo-hoo! I began thinking today of some of the things I miss. I would kill for clean socks. I miss my wake up kitty (one of my cats likes to wake me up in the mornings) – I wonder if she misses me. I cannot wait to have a good steak. Feeling clean – like I got all of the dirt off and it is staying off – is a high priority! And, my mattress (although the beds here are not too bad)!

I don’t miss Megan as much as I thought. I send her e-mails frequently, and it just feels like a regular summer break with her at grandparents. Fizzer keeps her right here with me as he has adventures everyday. All of the folks here look for him. It’s great fun. And I know she is having a good time and doing lots of great things!
One of this week’s great joys was meeting Lord and Lady Allenby (he carries the title of “Lord Allenby of Megiddo”). They are sweet wonderful folks and are genuinely interested in the expedition and the participants. Fizzer got a photograph with them. Lady Sarah and I find ourselves on opposite ends of the spectrum: she prefers working with children and cannot work with older folks, and I am the opposite!
The heat is increasing and I am continuing to deal with it. I refuse to do the conversions, and everyday proclaim loudly that it is only 30 (C), or about 93, no matter what the gauge says – and have threatened to kill anyone who disagrees with me! So far, no sunburns or tan lines (although my lower arms and hands are trying hard to turn colors), and no major illnesses or injuries. Although, today may be an exception to the injuries. I tend to have a minor fall everyday, usually up and down this very steep staircase in the Tel. Area H is cut into the side of the Tel, and the stairs are tricky. But today, I fell going down the main access way, which is covered in gravel. My knee is sore and I think I have a bruise coming up on my “softer back-side!”
The jokes are starting to occur on the dig. One of our infamous leaders has decided to collect all the sledgehammers. We needed one today to get rid of some really big rocks, so I sent one of our folks over to get one, and no one had any of them! So, my young friend went down to the supply area, found a broken hammer, got a metal rod, and found someone to weld it together. He brought it up, still hot, used it, and now has it hidden! We’ll see how long it stays with us! I’ll actually be surprised if it stays together!
I did miss the fireworks this week – but everyday on the Tel I hear the sounds of the Israeli Air Force taking off and sometimes the echos of firearms training – both of which are strange and comforting, and remind me of my friends in the military and my days at Texas A&M.
Well, Fizzer tells me it’s time to read my assignments and get to sleep. He thinks some of the schedule is “ruff!”

2 Responses to “Reflections on “Dig-stice””

  1. I’m guessing you’ve got all the newbies acclimated by now – and introduced to your little friend that you keep close – do all the younger ones call you mom or something else behind your back?
    Our youth group’s in South Dakota this week and we’re posturing for filling the position created by Jo Anne Beasley’s resignation at the end of July – she’s retiring nearer her family in Mississippi
    Wanda and Kathy are doing a great job keeping the wheels turning and I’m staying busy with trips to TX, CBF General Assembly in Charlotte and a CBF mtg in ATL – will be closer to home the second half of the summer although I may spend a week in the library at Garrett to work on my writing projects – no dates just yet but in the thinking/planning mode to make it happen
    Take care my friend!

  2. Phyllis Says:

    Kim, I miss you every Sunday when I can’t find you. Am enjoying reading about your experiences, and am having trouble with that last Commandment, the one that says, “you can’t be envious.” Keeping tabs on the weather in Jerusalem, via KC Star, sounds like the sun screen will come in handy. Dig hard and fast, my friend.

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