Time Warp

Katie Paul writes:

Archaeology by nature is always a trip back in time, and at Megiddo many people are thrust back into the Iron Age or Bronze Age.  But sometimes the people around you and the archaeologists that were there before you can change the period you relive and today was one of those days.

Digging a new square for the beginning of the second session was a bit sad, just when I thought I was finally understanding and “getting to know” my square and the Iron IIA, I was reassigned to start a new one adjacent to it.  The new square had a curious mound that may have been a wall or simply backfill.  As we were trying to understand what should stay and what should go we went through all the possibilities of disruption from those who had been there before us (and after the Assyrians).  First there was the issue of the Chicago team’s previous excavation, and looking at their old plans made it difficult to tell if the mound was theirs or came later.  The later issue was the shootout in 1948, had the stones been rearranged to protect gunmen firing from the top of the tel?  All of these scenarios and previous expeditions, missions, etc. led me to the realization that there was as much history in the past century that contributed to what we were excavating as there was in what we will later find.

However one of the most vivid historic events that passed through my mind occurred when Lord and Lady Allenby stopped to visit us in Area Q.  Having one of the family member of General Allenby standing in the same place that his family had fought gave a pseudo-time warp feel to the history of the dig.  Having British royalty joining us on the tel gave archaeology the romanticized feel that most people relate to early 20th century archaeology.


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  1. Hi Kate
    Nice job very interesting. Keep writing!
    We enjoy your blogs.
    Love U

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