Peter of Raanana — Missing Megiddo…

Peter Ostrin writes (from Raanana):

I’ve been back in civilization for a few days, and back at work for two.  The three weeks digging at Megiddo has left me maladjusted and disorientated and completely unfit for the “real world”. I have been sitting at my desk gazing out the window and thinking of the Tel and the strange mixed bag of things I miss. Here are a few:

– The sun rise as seen from Area Q after the hushed bus ride and trek up the hill.
The reflection of the sun rising in the glass of the high-tech offices here in Herziliya Pituach is a sorry compromise.

– The fresh rolls at 8:30, washed down with red (never Yellow) colored drink.

– The wonderful feeling of the shower after lunch as the run-off turns from black to clear.
Showers seem so meaningless now, I’m never that dirty.

– “Norrrmaaahh” – Need I say more except “Area Q is all about exposure and not penetration”

– Phillipe’s “It’s sheet”, “We are Kadahar”

– Caitlin trying to copy Ian’s accent – “bloody muggles”.

– I even miss the cool wind that blew at Q lifting the shade and causing the pipes to fall.

– Feeling the pickax bite into the dirt and not knowing what surprises await.

– I miss my wheelbarrow. The satisfaction of dumping a load of dirt and watching it spill down the dump is one of those small pleasures few understand.

Some things I miss less:

– Waking up at 4am and sitting on the edge of the bed for 10 minutes staring at the floor trying to remember why I signed up for this.

– The constant sand in my boots during days of sifting.

– black snot.

– The Tivol snitzel patty that was the veggie option at every meal.

– The amazing snoring in the night.

Mostly I miss the archaeology. Trying to figure out just what the stones in our square mean. Looking at pottery and marveling how the experts can tell the difference between IRON IIA and IIB. Starting in a square with some walls, burnt material in the section and lots of plaster and going down and finding different walls, burnt material in the sections and lots of plaster. I was privileged to have been a part of it all.


3 Responses to “Peter of Raanana — Missing Megiddo…”

  1. digmegiddo Says:

    Peter, we miss you! Come back to Q!!!!

  2. Caitlin Says:

    I miss D6 and Ian’s accent!! When I start excavating my backyard its just not gonna be the same.

  3. I miss Philippe’s “buckets!!!” scream, the danger that the tent often posed, your wonderful wafers and cookies at break, and even the pain of taking levels and passing around the latta. I miss the feeling of having removed some ancient dirt and walls and seeing how we progress every week. I miss you and Caitlin and your wonderfully coordinated black outfits.

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