Hey, everyone!

Julia Martins writes:

Today it was the very first day for us 4-weekers of actual digging. We arrived yesterday in the Ramat Hashofet Kibbutz, and met everybody. Today I was assigned to area H, which is pretty interesting. It`s the deepest area on the Tel and we have several layers – which I`m still learning to identify. The work at the Tel surprised me a lot, but in a great way. Even though it was hard work, we got to have fun and learn a lot from our area supervisors and other team members. Another good surprise was the shade over us. It made it not that hot, and there was also a light breeze that made everything better. I also didn`t mind getting up at 4 am. It isn`t really that bad. We got to watch the sunrise over the Jezreel Valley, which was amazing.

For me it felt pretty great and relaxing. I`m not used to manual labour, I spend most of my time in classrooms or libraries, and I had no idea it could be that interesting. I plan on keep studying art history, but archaeology has got my attention for sure! Everyone seems really happy about what they`re doing and people help each other, so the work gets lighter and funner as the day goes by.

Obviously, my clothes are totally dirty and my arms do hurt a little (it`s gonna take me a while to get used to those bucket lines…) but for me this has been great so far. We also took a tour today, and that made me understand a little better what are we actually doing and how do the areas relate to one another. So, I`m gonna go back to our little party over here and I`ll blog some more later on!


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