To the Arriving Four-Weekers

Anthony Crisafio writes:

To all the arriving 4 weekers –

Some things to be aware of as you plan your arrivals or are already here. Firstly, just because we have a pub with in walking distance and just because it is the summer doesn’t mean that you can be neglectful of being a decent human – er, roommate. Keep in mind we are all on a bus by 4:40am, and that means the need for sleep is vital to no falling over and crushing the pottery sherds. Be mindful of you schedule and how it will impact the people you will be staying with.

Secondly, the food here for the most part is actually quite good. That is not to say that having the same meals on a rotating basis doesn’t get old. DON’T complain. Just suck it up or buy food at the shop. There are someone of us who have been eating it for 3 weeks longer and don’t want to hear about it.

Thirdly, if this is your first time drink frequently and often. This really only applies to water. If you want to imbibed other liquids, the bus leaves at 4:40am. So plan accordingly, no one wants another lecture at breakfast.

Fourthly, have cash. They need it for laundry and the buses and there isn’t an ATM on the kibbutz. I learned this the hard way. Bring enough to get you through till you get to a city.

Lastly, injuries happen. Take care of your hydration and your surroundings. Margret is fun to work with in the office, but really we came here to pick ax and dig stuff up. You don’t want to miss too much.

Trust me this is going to be fun and don’t worry we don’t bite…hard.


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