blog three – And now the end is near

Peter Ostrin writes:

There are only two more digging days left for me until I return to my “real world”. I have grown unnaturally fond of my square (D6) in area Q and will be very sad to say goodbye to it and the people with whom I have shared the last three weeks. It has been a wonderful time for me – free of responsibility, free of worry and a rare opportunity to spend uninterrupted time learning something I have always wanted to know more about. While my body aches and I have more scratches and cuts than had I crawled through a field of broken beer bottles, I am happy that I have been able to more or less keep up physically. My squaremates have been patient and kind and have taken up my slack without complaint.

I have learned much about archaeology in general and Megiddo in particular. The nightly lectures have been interesting, even if I battle to keep my eyes open after 8:30pm. The food has been much better than I expected and I find myself polishing off three healthy meals a day with no problem. Even the weather has been kind (although it is very hot today) and this is the coolest June I can remember in Israel.

So seeing this is my last official blog for Megiddo 2010 all that is left to say is a huge Thank You to everyone. Thanks to Norma and the assistants in area Q, thanks to my squaremates and all those I met and got to know and thanks to the Directors (and Associate Director) for their patience and help and thanks to my family and co-workers for allowing me indulge a 50 year old dream. This rocked. I hope to be back in the future.


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