Blowin’ in the Wind

Daniel Feldman writes:

Yesterday had to be one of the most interesting days on the Tel to date. I do not mean interesting in terms of the artifacts that we found, but rather the events that took place instead of our excavation. It started out as a nice day with a bit of a breeze. Word around Area Q was that we would be getting let off an hour earlier because the temperature was supposed to reach about 42 Celsius, which for those of you reading this back in America is about 110 Fahrenheit. That in of itself brightened my morning and was quite exciting. Then after breakfast the winds started to pick up which consequently cooled the Tel off considerable so all chance of leaving early was off… or so we thought.

Only an hour and a half after breakfast while I was picking away, the winds start to gust and I started to see the poles, keeping our tent in place, move a considerable amount, so naturally I ducked for cover and just as I had done so a pole came flying by my head and with it came the entire tent.

Now at this point the winds were blowing more consistent and harder than I had ever seen, consequently making everything around us crumble. The wind even lifted this huge green steel structure off of the ground and shattered it to pieces. At this point we were told to go into our neighboring site of Area K to seek refuge since they hadn’t been affected by this wind yet. Once we all got into area K their poles start flying away and dropping rocks and sandbags into the squares as they went, this being very dangerous, we then moved to a more sturdy structure and needless to say, we survived.

By the end of the day every Area aside from J had been affected by these winds to the point where work came to a halt and we then moved ourselves to the bottom of the Tel to clean what little pottery we had found while we waited for the buses to arrive and take us back to the Kibbutz.

Now we have fixed our tent and it is, in my opinion, stronger than ever! That day will not be quickly forgotten as a whirlwind, no pun intended, of excitement ensued. Now its back to work as usual, that is until another windstorm hits.


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