My socks are still not clean

Hannah VanVels writes:

The past week has been both interesting and exciting. This weekend a large group of us rented a bus and went to Jerusalem for the weekend, which was simply amazing. I absolutely loved the old city and all the historical and religious sites in Jerusalem. My friends and I also found a hidden gem in Jerusalem: a cheap restaurant with a rooftop view of the city. It was incredible to be eating my falafel and looking over at the dome of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. We toured pretty much everything we could get to on the map from our hotel, and we even saw John Cusack outside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Pretty neat.  We even slept in until 7am, which was a nice break from the 4am mornings. I am also looking forward to this next weekend, as another bunch of us travel to Masada and the Dead Sea. And of course there is also our field trip to Hazor to look forward to this weekend as well.

But before the weekend, there is still five days of digging. So far, I helped take down part of a wall, which was satisfying work. Then we had to clean it all up and brush up all the dirt because a group was coming to visit our area. We then regretted making such a large mess. After that I moved to another square, where a layer of ash was found under the dirt, so I’ve spent the rest of my time scraping the dirt to see where the ash layer continues to as well as assisting our area registrar. I think that my scraping technique has improved greatly over the past week and a half. Helping the registrar is also an interesting job, because it helps me figure out where our different loci are within our area and also allows me to see what they are finding in the other squares of my area. I also learned how to do data entry into a special program, which also allows me to familiarize myself with the other loci even further and also get a little bit of background of how the organizational techniques that go on behind-the-scenes at Megiddo work. We all have also gotten the opportunity to participate in pottery reading, which is when we go over the cleaned pottery and decide what to send off to restoration. We’ve learned a little bit about distinguishing between different types of pottery such as cooking pots or storage jars simply by the shards we find.

Perhaps the most exciting event which has happened recently was the freak dust storm the other day. The winds picked up and got really strong, which knocked the poles holding our shade all over, causing debris to fall down into our area and everything. For safety reasons, we evacuated, since it was slightly dangerous with us being on the edge of the cliff and all. We took shelter under our remaining shade for a while and joked appropriately about it being Armageddon as we munched on our dusty apples and wondered what would happen next. As it turns out, we just spent the remaining time washing our pottery from the day and left the tel slightly early. We all survived.

Despite all the new things that took place this week, some things remained the same. Mornings starting at 4am are still not easy. A hummus and vegetable sandwich for breakfast continues to seem like the most delicious food I’ve ever tasted. Schnitzel is still a large part of my diet. My socks are still not clean.


2 Responses to “My socks are still not clean”

  1. Julie Sholtis Says:

    Sounds wonderful and who cares about the socks!! (Drew Eiswerths mom)

  2. Aunt Cindy Says:

    Love the photos and updates, Hannah! Sounds like you’re having a great time. Love, Uncle Ken and Aunt Cindy.

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