Has Armageddon begun?

Monica Parshley writes:

It’s day two of our second week at Megiddo, and I’m starting to be convinced that Armageddon may occur while we’re here.  We’ve worked through intense heat, attacks by killer millipedes, and a freak windstorm this afternoon that led to us evacuating the excavation site.  That said, if Armageddon does happen I know that I’ll have died happy.  It may be hard to believe that I’d be content covered in dirt and sweat and exhausted from waking up at 4am, but it’s completely true.  Even if I only find a few pottery shards and bones amongst the piles of dirt that I excavate, the possibility of finding more and learning about this civilization keeps me motivated even as I swing a pickaxe in 40 degree celsius weather.  Just yesterday I discovered sherds of what we assume may have been a bowl.  Normally it wouldn’t be all that exciting, but these sherds had gorgeous orange painted designs on a white background that quite possibly were imported from Cyprus.  My new personal mission during the next few days is to find as many pieces that I can find so this bowl can be reconstructed.

It isn’t all about work here though.  This past weekend a large group of us visited Jerusalem, and Masada and the Dead Sea are next on the itinerary for most of us.  We also have plenty of time to talk with friends by the pool or catch a soccer game at the Kibbutz pub.  The volunteers here are all amazing, and I’m more than a little sad that we’re about at that halfway mark to returning to our respective homes.  Fortunately we do have about a week and a half left which just means we’ll have to make the most of every minute we still have.


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