40 degrees celsius… and counting

Samantha Malone writes:

I can’t count how many blisters I have, my legs are all scratched up, and I have to wake up in six hours (but I know it’ll feel like it’s only been two minutes). Yet, sitting on the steps outside of my room here at the Kibbutz, listening to guitar and singing from the building next door – I know there’s nowhere I’d rather be.

Although getting out of bed in the morning has become increasingly hard as the days pass, by the time I’m at the top of the Tel at 5 AM, I feel completely awake and more alive than ever. It turns out that I love digging in the dirt, even though tons of it ends up in my eyes and mouth (yes, I eat dirt all day. Don’t ask how, it just gets in there somehow). Digging is fun – sometimes I just feel like I’ve been staring at the same mound of dirt for days, but after coming back from a water break (which I take frequently, as I am ALWAYS thirsty here) I can see the progress and truly appreciate the work that we’re doing. Each day I’m learning more and more; from things like how to draw a daily top plan, to how tell the difference between pieces of flint, to a new appreciation for each broken piece of pottery I find. The fact that I basically laugh all day doesn’t hurt, either. I’ve found that almost anyone crazy enough to dig in 104 degree weather has got to have something comical about them, even if it’s simply the fact that we all look like different versions of the Peanut’s character, Pig Pen, by the end of the day.

Digging aside, I still find myself laughing all day. The entire group here at Megiddo is hysterical, and even if they weren’t, I think whatever mix of heat exhaustion and dehydration would keep me laughing anyway (although I’m constantly working against these two foes of mine…)

One last note – chocolate pop rocks bars. Many thanks to whoever it was that wrote about these previously, and to Norma for pointing them out to me in the Kibbutz store. I tried them for the first time yesterday afternoon, and I’ve been preaching the good word ever since. My relationship with the chocolate here cannot be described by words. I don’t care how bad that sounds, these chocolate bars and Happy Hippos are delicious and I plan on taking plenty home with me.


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