Working Hard and Learning Lots!

Kim Snyder and Fizzer write:

Well, after a week of hard work and a relaxing weekend, we are back at it. While some students traveled this weekend, I stayed put. I was tired! It is a big hike up the Tel, and my joints are seriously complaining!

It gave me a great chance to get to know some of the other 7-Weekers and grad students, and supervisors. We had a bit of an impromptu picnic, complete with grilling and singing. And, I got to go with some other folks to a Druze Falafal stand in the forest. Wow! Was that phenomenal! The sandwiches were huge! The lady making the pitas reminded me of Mexican women making tortillas!

It also gave me the chance to learn my task for the dig: Registration of finds. Our Registration Supervisor is needed in the site supervising the work. We’ve been working very hard to get the site ready for a scientific team to come out and inspect the layers for a dating project. (They want to figure out a more consistent dating plan that is more accurate.) And, there is a lot of work to do otherwise. Eran’s goal is for us to break through into “H-12,” which is just one way of referring to the next layer down – older stuff.

So, someone like me (7-Weeker, intelligent, attentive, willing to learn, willing to organize), is a great candidate for learning and managing the Registration data. It’s a lot of paperwork, a lot of walking around and inspecting pottery buckets and finds, and in today’s efforts: carrying precious cargo to the office people. It’s a lot of work, making sure that the tags are labeled correctly and that the bone bags have holes, and that things are separated appropriately, and that the precious finds are taken care of correctly. But, I am really enjoying it. It gives me a big picture of the overall process, and I get to see everything as it happens.

I am still washing pottery everyday with everyone else, but later in the week the data entry will start and I will miss the pottery washing. Today that was a great deal of fun, because my bucket had a piece of a wheel made item, and the top of a “mini” jar of some sort.

Overall, this is so much fun! I am making new friends and learning so much. Despite the hard work, and the fact that I am still having a bit of trouble hiking up the Tel everyday, but this morning was much easier. So, by the end of next week I’m very hopeful!

A Blog Note from Fizzer, special guest and friend to Area H

Hi! I’m Fizzer! My master (Megan) sent me with Mom (Kim) to keep her company on the dig. I’m very excited to be here. I have been doing a lot of really great things. I rode in a bucket in the bucket line. I got to dig in the square with a trowel. When we clean the pottery and the bones I get to smell the bones! I have helped Mom to organize the folder for Registration. At the picnic the other night, I got to help with the barbeque! Tonight I learned how to take measurement readings with the survey equipment and heard a great lecture on games. I can’t wait till tomorrow! Who knows what I will get to do!


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  1. Kim — FYI, the Druze are an ancient religious group that was founded @ 1,000 years age and have Moses, Jesus, and a number of other figures as their revered prophets. They believe in re-incarnation, they only marry within the community and do not accept converts. The religion is secret to all but a select few. They are a very friendly, proud people, known to be fierce fighters who live in the mountainous regions of Israel, Lebanon and Syria and are loyal citizens of the country they live in.

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