Photos from day two of week two

Click on link for photos:!/photo.php?pid=41706990&id=5311885


6 Responses to “Photos from day two of week two”

  1. Sorry…..problems opening again!

  2. Susan Furman Says:

    sorry to bother you but I cant seem to get the pictures – its asking me to sign in on facebook
    I hate to bug you as you have been so great with all of the pictures but if you get a chance can you work your magic so that we can view the pictures without signing in to facebook?
    Thank you so much

  3. Thank again for these wonderful seems I race here each day to follow along on the adventure..
    We are all so grateful!

  4. Susan Furman Says:

    worked great – thank you so much
    I too race here each day to see the wonderful pictures and follow along
    Thanks again

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