Halfway there…

Peter Ostrin writes:

Well its been seven days of digging and tomorrow is the half way point for us three weekers. The time has flown yet at times the minutes seemed like hours. I have learned so much. What surprised me more than anything is it’s now clear that archaeology is at most half about book learning. The rest is hard physical work, playing nicely with others and patience. Putting up with the intense heat on the Tel is what I struggle with the most.

This has been the best people watch I have ever had the pleasure
to spectate on. I have watched as friendships and couples
formed, as people found entertaining ways to avoid work, as some
did way more than was expected of them and as natural leaders took
charge. All in all an experience I wouldn’t swap for the world.

Our schedule is jam packed. It’s even difficult to find time to blog.
The young people manage to go to the pub after lectures, while
I struggle to keep my eyes open after 8pm.  What can I say, except
that I recommend this to anyone. It’s not easy, but then nothing
worthwhile really is.


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