This past weekend…

Anthony Crisafio writes:

This weekend the majority of people left Ramat HaShofet (the kibbutz where we are staying for the dig) to go to various places around the country. I decided to stay on the kibbutz to relax since I am here for 7 weeks total (though at this point it is 6). I wanted to catch up on sleep and read and relax and sit by the pool and do your basic vegging (it that the right spelling).

On Thursday, post-dig I ended up at the pool for several hours. Enjoyed the sun and read a book, well more like started a book (for those who care, Freud; Biologist of the Mind, Sulloway). Yes, that is a book about Freud and yes, I am a psychology major, but I am here and loving it so who cares? I certainly don’t. But back to this weekend. We decided to cook out for dinner. It was amazing having meat for dinner and a completely appropriate way to start the weekend! We cooked kosher (naturally) everything – hot dogs, chicken and cubed chunks of some unidentified red meat which was surprisingly good of being mystery meat. We sat around eating and having a good time and Professor Cline (one of the directors for the program) and some of the other area supervisors came and joined in the sing –along. If you every get the chance to BBQ or even really just hangout with a professor outside of the classroom (better if it is outside of the country) it is the best thing ever. There is no pressure to feel like you are making “smart” conversation, you can just kick back and be relaxed. It is especially fun when they joining on the chorus to “Don’t Stop Believing”.

On Friday, after waking up at 10:30am (Israel time), which is significantly better than 4am I headed to the pool for another day of relaxing and random reading. Spent most so much time there that the kibbutz shop closed without a group of us getting our stuff together to do another cook out. So we ended up asking our area supervisor if we could use the grill once he was done with it and subsequently got an invitation to gate crash and eat their food. Talk about feeling awkward, sitting at a table with all of the supervisors and staffers eating their food when all you brought was kosher hot dogs and mustard (sans-the buns). But they are great people and basically force fed us the entire time. For the awkward beginning, it ended up being a lot of fun, particularly when the guitar came out and we starting a second sing-along to the Meggido songs and a few less common Irish pub songs.

Saturday, also consisted of the pool (imagine that) and reading. We eventually got in the pool and ran into Professor Cline. A second laid back conversation about GW classes (all good, of course). It was better than the two nights of sing-along’s mainly for the Israeli children that have no sense of personal space or “no-I-don’t-want-to-be-splashed,-thank-you” that were all around us. It was also the first time that I didn’t feel like I was racking my brain for something to talk to him about.

The worst part of the weekend was the end of it. Everyone came back, clogged up the internet and we had to start digging again. The only reason this was difficult was the waking up at 4am. It was a very abrupt shift backing into the swing of things. The best part was finding out that I am not alone in my amazingly freaky geekish as me. It was amazing that someone pulled out a textbook at the pool as a little light pool reading and that someone else was reading an intellectual biography (more appropriately it was of Kenyon). Right now I am so glad that I am here for the chance to hang out with top people in their fields and geeks like me. More later.


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