Wrapping up the first Week

Stephanie Steinke writes:

The fourth day is finished and we have almost made it to the first weekend.  Area J has been interesting so far, the square I work in has been making nice progress.  The first days we just cleaned and cleared the area, now the real excavation has begun for us.  We took down two walls and now are moving to the lower level.  This is the first time that I have been a square supervisor, and I often feel overwhelmed.  My focus of studies has been mostly Greek archaeology with a little Roman and Egyptian thrown in for good measure. My last dig site in Israel was Iron Age/Hellenistic, so Bronze Age is a little out of my realm.  As time goes on I’m sure that I’ll get the hang of it, I’ve got 6 more weeks to work it out.

People are getting ready for the weekend and preparing travel plans, most are going to Jerusalem.  I’ll be staying here, I plan to relax, read, eat and explore the kibbutz and local area.  This isn’t my first time in Israel and I want to try out my minimal Hebrew and experience less tourist culture or more Israeli culture.  That is the great thing about archaeology, the dig itself is only one aspect of the whole experience, your daily life is an adventure as well: you live in this strange middle ground between a tourist and local.  Living and learning in another culture really augments your perspective.  The time I’ve spent digging and learning in other countries always reminds me why archaeology is within the four-field discipline of anthropology in the United States. Modern language and culture become so intertwined with the ancient ones you are studying that the boundaries can at times blur.  And that is exactly why it is so exciting.


One Response to “Wrapping up the first Week”

  1. Al Steinke Says:

    Have a great week end!!!!

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