Photos from Day Five — Last Day of the First Week!!/album.php?aid=2330426


6 Responses to “Photos from Day Five — Last Day of the First Week!”

  1. Can you do something for those who haven’t get a facebook account yet and still don’t rush to?
    Of course they want to see your work, being proud of it.

    • digmegiddo Says:

      You don’t need a Facebook account to see the photos…just click on the link and it should work…

  2. Julie Sholtis Says:

    Did not work for me either today. I did send you an emial from facebook to request you are to be a “friend”. Hope to see them soon. I am Drew Eiswerths mom. Anyway.. thank-you!! Julie

  3. Susan Furman Says:

    Photos have been coming thru great each day but todays photos wont come up – it says I need to sign up for facebook? Any ideas on how I can view without facebook sign up?
    We really appreciate all of the photos you have been posting they are great.
    Thank you

  4. The photos are fantastic….I have a Facebook account and am not able to view today’s photos..I look forward each day to seeing them…hopefully, it will be fixed soon..
    Many thanks for keeping us enthralled with this adventure..
    I am Dan Shapiro’s mom

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