Happiness, Excitement, and Patience…

Daniel Feldman writes:

These three adjectives pretty much describe my day in Area Q. In a moment I will explain why, but first I would like to say what many before me have undoubtedly said, Megiddo is AWESOME. This expedition is much more than I ever could have expected it to be. At first I thought waking up at four would break this trip, but I, in fact, have very little problem with it (surprisingly). The reason being is that when I end each day I have my square waiting for me where, each day, I am getting closer and closer to finding cooler and cooler things. For example, I have been excavating the area around a mud brick wall that we discovered and each day I am excited to see if we find more wall or even something like a floor or some cool artifacts. This may not seem so amazing when written in words but the fact of the matter is that archaeology cannot appropriately be described or justified in a textbook. It is an amazing and completely different beast out in the field. Not to mention that I learned more archaeology in these last few days than I could have in a month of class just because of the sheer fact that I am physically doing what I am learning.

Now I would like to touch upon why it is that those three adjectives sum up my experience. Aside from what I just said, I want to really refine my example of why those words are so important to one small example, the example of the mud brick wall. So, the excitement is attributed to the fact that I found, and am now excavating, a wall that is thousands of years old. It is an amazing feeling to touch something that the last person who touched it lived many thousands of years ago. The happiness is when my area leader says that I can pick axe a certain area; which for any of you who have pick axed before, you will realize that pick axing is an awesome and therapeutic activity. The patience is when on my first strike I find a piece of flat lying pottery which then means I have to stop my beloved pick axing and start with the trowel

Those three words can easily be attributed to every activity on the tel because what you are doing and your short term and even long term goals in your square can change in a matter of seconds. That is what makes archaeology so fun and that is what makes me want to do this for a long time to come, even if not as a career!


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