Yesterday, I was a Tree…

Kim Snyder writes:

Yesterday was a very eventful day for me at the dig. Early in the morning I found a scorpion and killed it. I HATE scorpions! And at breakfast, I became a tree.

Yes, a tree. As I walked into the breakfast are and stepped right into a lizard chase. He was cute. About 6 inches and a brown mottled color. One that was rather wide. Two guys chasing the thing and one girl in the midst of the activity! I stopped to see what was happening, and since I was such good camo, he jumped on my tan pants, and slithered up – right up my leg, under my shirt, and enclosed in the upper mesh. What a freaky feeling, to have a lizard run across your butt. Weirder still is the feeling of him running up your back. I stood still, took the shirt off, and somehow he disappeared – I believe one of the students got him. Very exciting. People thought I was very calm. I did want to get a picture of it with Fizzer, but it didn’t happen.

Fizzer is Beanie Baby Dog my daughter sent with me. He’s been accompanying me in my adventures. He doesn’t mind getting up at 4:00 in the morning, but he thinks he ought to eat before going to work. The team I am working with thinks he’s adorable and asks about him frequently. There is often a laugh when I pull him out of my pocket to take a picture of him! Check out the photos – I think he may have made the web page tucked in my front shirt pocket!

We start work at 5:00 am, eat at 8:30, have a water break at 11:00, and finish by 1:00. Today we did our first pottery cleaning. Not real exciting for my area, we have been cleaning the site for a science team coming in. I have found a few pottery shards, but nothing striking yet. Mostly I have swept lots of dirt, just to find more dirt. And, I am very good at keeping stacked buckets from falling off the Tel, and that is my job during the bucket lines we use to clean out the area.

Classes have started and I am excited about the discussions happening. I think I will enjoy these more as they continue. I’ll try to keep you posted about some of the things we talk about when we get going.

Each night we have lectures scheduled. Tonight’s lecture is about the current expedition force starting in 1994. Just about the time we started, the sprinkler system went off and caused a commotion. It ended up cancelling the lecture I was really looking forward to! We’ll have to see if we can get it in later. Things can be very exciting!

Some of you have asked about tan lines – thankfully, I have controlled my sun exposure and have no tan lines, no sunburns, or other discolorations not related to dirt – although I already believe I will never again be clean! There are only so many layers an appropriate shower can remove!


One Response to “Yesterday, I was a Tree…”

  1. Marydell Norris Says:

    sounds like you are having a great time..

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