It’s been very interesting so far…

Anthony Crisafio writes:

It has been very interesting being here. For the weeks before I got here I was freaking out about whether or not I was making the right decision by coming here. No sooner did I did get off the plane I was so excited about being here. Being in Tel Aviv was one of the best day that I have had in a while. Though it was quickly displaced by the first day digging. My friends and family couldn’t see me doing manual labor for 8 hours a day. But after 2 days I am loving it. I can completely see why archaeologists enjoy, as Prof Cline puts it, digging in the dirt.

I’m working in the temple section of the Tel and for the last 2 days I have been pick axing a wall. The dirt goes everywhere and I feel amazing. It is one of the most enjoyable work outs that I have had in a while. (It is a great abs and upper body work out!) The least enjoyable part of the process is the bucket lines – basically hauling 30 buckets of dirt at a time across the dig site and tossing it all in the fill pile. Now multiple that by 4 times a day, at a minimum. It also takes so much longer because there are only 4 of us in that particular section of the site. At the moment I would love to come back in 2 years and keep digging, let’s see if that holds true for the next 6 weeks. Check back next week and see what happens.


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