Day One!

Sam Malone writes:

Today was intense! The good news is – I loved it. I’m digging in Area ‘J’, which has been concluded to be temples built upon temples. Honestly – I was really nervous that I would hate archaeology in practice. It turns out that so far, it’s been fun! Although we were brushing away dirt, packing up sand bags, and clearing the space of weeds, I’ve had a lot of fun so far. We had one injury on the site today, which served as a reminder of how dangerous some of the tools and larger stones can be.  I think this just serves as an example that one should NEVER drop their guard when it comes to safety on the site. As for water, I was continuously thirsty throughout the entire day. As much as I drank, I would remain thirsty and keep working. I guess it helped, because I feel fine tonight. Luckily, I managed to make it through my first day with plenty of water and kept my spirits up the entire day.

I’m really excited to see what tomorrow and the next week brings. Now that we’ve really put a dent in cleaning our area, I think we’ll be doing some serious digging soon. Although I am assigned to dig below the temple (which may hold only bedrock and dirt), I’m hopeful that something will come up in my area tomorrow…we’ll see!
Overall, the past day and a half has been a blast. I’ve met tons of new people. and have finally experienced what digging is like. I’m pretty confident tomorrow will be just as amazing!

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  1. You go girl!! xoxo

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