Wakey wakey, sleepyhead!

Sam Malone writes:

Some of my best friends have said to me (in reference to Megiddo), “Sam, are you kidding? Waking up before noon is a problem, let alone before 5 am.”

No, I am not kidding.
I’ll admit I am a chronic late-sleeper. I do not enjoy waking up in the morning. I enjoy waking up in the afternoon. But when I signed up for the dig, I wasn’t thinking about waking up in the morning. I was thinking about how awesome it would be to spend part of my summer in Israel.

While my friends question my sleeping habits, my mom questions my safety (and sanity). “Are you sure it’s going to be okay there? Will you ACTUALLY be safe?”

Well, to that I can only say “Hopefully.” Coming home after my first year at GW, I have just encountered something for the first time – the state of limbo that is the month of May in New York. Not quite summer, although I’m not in school. But it doesn’t really feel like spring, either. My friends have come home (and are still coming home) in what seems like meticulously scheduled shifts, and there’s no work yet. So I’ve finally been able to read. For FUN.

On June 8th, 2008, my father bought me a book that had been highly reccomended to me by several people, Three Cups of Tea. Two years later, I have finally sat down to read Greg Mortenson’s inspiring story of his work throughout the mountainous region which houses the roots of the Taliban in Pakistan. After reading his story, and considering that I know plenty of people who have recently (and safely) traveled throughout Israel, I think I’ll be alright.

Now the question that I ask myself…
“What am I getting myself into?”
Well, honestly I don’t know yet. I have a rough idea, but I’m only certain of two things – I am beyond excited to finally be going to Israel, and it’s going to be incredible. The rest, I think, should fall into place.


One Response to “Wakey wakey, sleepyhead!”

  1. joyce grattan Says:

    Hi Sam,
    I’m excited for you, and I’m sure you are going to make the most of this opportunity with your usual energy, verve and “go getem” attitude!
    You’ll have a wonderful learning experience. K look forward to reading your blog!

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