Last minute thoughts

Jen Thum writes:

Hi all. The few of us who have been digging the EB settlement are super buff and tan (emphasis on the latter), and awaiting your arrival! In the past few weeks back on the kibbutz, I realized that there are lots of things you don’t need to bring, but probably will think of packing anyway. Here are some items you can easily find at the store (which is a 5-minute walk from our houses, FYI):

– Feminine products. Now you don’t have to line your suitcase with tampons! 😀
– Toiletries of all kinds. They even have Dove brand stuff. Just bring travel size for the first day or two.
– Mugs. All rooms have glass mugs but many of us bring mugs to site or for having coffee on the bus. I haven’t seen travel mugs there but I have seen those camp ones.
– First aid stuff (except maybe a few band aids for good measure).
– Tea and coffee (except for first-day necessities). They have a great selection AND THEY HAVE SOY MILK. I however have already purchased most of it… ;P

They even have towels and hats! But they might run out if you all bank on buying them there. And they even have hot water pots! Not that I am suggesting you would want to bring one, or that you should–especially since most rooms have them–but who knows…

So, extra last-minute advice:
DO NOT FORGET TO BRING PLUG CONVERTERS and to CALL YOUR BANKS to tell them you are going to Israel! Also, as I mentioned before, MAKE PHOTOCOPIES OF YOUR PASSPORT!

Ladies, or those of you who have not traveled before: American flat irons, blow dryers, electric razors and the like do not work overseas! Do not believe them when they tell you you can use a converter. LIES. The town of Yoqneam is a 5-minute drive away, and there you will find appliances like these in full abundance. I just got a flat iron for 200NIS. Not bad!

And now for the laundry update!

So. Those of you who have been here before may remember that you could actually have the kibbutz do your laundry for a small fee, with a brief turnover period. This year Uri is outsourcing the laundry (collected once per week) for 9NIS/kilo (double-check me on that…). It saves SO MUCH TIME, especially for things you really need to clean, e.g. underwear and your horrid dirty socks. I highly recommend it, especially if you’re going to be busy with classes or extra work after-hours. Adam’s shirt did come back with a few burn holes in the collar, but it’s still a risk I’m willing to take. Door-to-door pick-up and drop-off service! Woo!


2 Responses to “Last minute thoughts”

  1. Loren Crow Says:

    Thanks for the info, Jen. On laundry, I was planning this time to bring a laundry bag. But it sounds from your post like they’re picking laundry up in bags (is this what “outsourcing” means?). If I’m right about that, it might well save me several square inches of space in the old luggage!

  2. Hi Loren! Yes, they give you the bags. 🙂

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