Black Snot, Scorpions, and Pop Rocks: A few words from a Megiddo veteran

Jen Thum writes:

Hi all, I’m Jen, the Registrar for Area Q. This will be my third season on the Tel. I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with objects. I also like tahina.

I and a few others are actually going to Megiddo tomorrow to spend three weeks digging the EB settlement before the main project starts. So basically, by the time you all arrive we will already be super-buff and tan. YES.

Prof. Cline has asked me to post a list of things that you can look forward to at Megiddo. There are so many! הינה (hine, here you go):

– Dirt! You will be very dirty. Please don’t dig in clothes to which you are partial. That will make you sad, and it will make the rest of us sad, as it would mean that your pretty things are ruined. And we like pretty things. *creepy smile*

– Sing-alongs at the playground/in the yard AND in the square

– Throwing millipedes and other creepy-crawlies at your square-mates

– Shisha (this is a really bad habit)

– Battling the scorpions in your sandbags

– Black snot

– Grilling burgers with your trowel

– The Dress-and-Drink party. You can meet your soulmate there, and also take advantage of free beer!

– Goldstar beer (OK, I don’t actually like beer, but I talk it up anyway because everyone else loves it)

– Getting super-excited about your first find, most likely a pot sherd, and then realizing that there are thousands of them under your feet. FAIL.

– Shopping trips to the kibbutz store: Elite chocolate with Pop Rocks!


– Lectures—they’re fun for lots of reasons, but I’ll let you figure out why for yourselves (hint: see “Goldstar beer”)

– The daily battle for tuna sandwiches at breakfast. If you take my tuna, we cannot be friends.

– Wheelbarrow rides

– Your new roommates

– The walk up the Tel at sunrise

– Waking up in Jerusalem at 7am the morning after and desperately trying to piece the night together with your friends

– Learning to speak 4 languages in the square (“Yalla!”)

– Bawling as the airline staff attempt to pry your hands from the plane’s door as you cry, “NO, I want to go back to Megiddo!”


One Response to “Black Snot, Scorpions, and Pop Rocks: A few words from a Megiddo veteran”

  1. EB settlement sounds awesome!… scorpions not so much

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